Author: Margaret Kraisinger
Author of The Western: The Greatest Texas Cattle Trail 1874-1886
Member of the Great Western Cattle Assoc. & Fort Dodge/Cimarron Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Assoc.
Owner of The Old Hardware Store in Halstead, KS

The 5 Best Books About Cowboys and Cattle Trails

NOTE: We created this list of books to be featured in True West Magazine, December 2016 issue. Our passion for years has been to study and share with others the fascinating history of cattle-driving from Texas to all points north. 

Update on the Point of Rocks Issue

Over the last two months there has been an on-going dialogue between the Kansas Department of Transportation and area historians over the alteration of the landmark Point of Rocks that is located four miles west of Dodge City. KDOT’s plans


On the open flat prairies west of Dodge City, Kansas, is an out-cropping of sandstone that rises above the rest of the landscape that can be seen for miles around. This obvious spot was a landmark to early travelers and

Maps Of The Western Cattle Trail And Other Trail Systems

Gary Kraisinger, who enjoys studying antique maps and creating his own maps, drew over eighty maps for the Kraisingers’ first book, The Western, the Greatest Texas Cattle Trail. Those maps consisted mostly of township maps, showing the section, range, and

First Western Cattle Trail Book Published

Once it was decided that the many years of research on the Western Cattle Trail really needed to be put in a book, Gary and Margaret committed to working on the project every possible moment. Each was still working full

What Started This Western Cattle Trail Research?

Gary and Margaret were living in Dighton, Lane County, Kansas in 1967, both teaching school. Unbeknown to them, not far away was Route III of the Western Cattle Trail across western Kansas heading toward Ogallala, Nebraska, and beyond. When a local rancher friend