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This is a petition to save Point of Rocks, a historical landmark west of Dodge City, Kansas. If you haven’t, please read Save “Point of Rocks”, then make your contribution to save this landmark by filling out the form below to send an email to Governor Sam Brownback, giving your endorsement of the efforts to save Point of Rocks.


A representative from KDOT called committee members on Tuesday, March 25 to announce that the state transportation department had agreed to meet the recommendation that the committee had presented to them on December 17, 2013. Representatives from the Great Western Cattle Trail Assoc.and the Dodge City Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Associaion, as well as the land owner of Point of Rocks, had expressed that they did not want the well-known landmark west of Dodge City deeply cut into or destroyed during the widening of Highway 50 from Dodge to Cimarron. It was suggested that instead of using the planned 60-foot wide median between the lanes, only a 16-foot median be constructed until the highway was passed the landmark–thus limiting the damage to the Point. The announcedment has also been on TV and in local newspapers this week. The highway project will begin in 2018. Thank you to all of you who helped us voice our opinion.
Gary and Margaret Kraisinger,
members of the Great Western Cattle Trail Assoc.
and the Dodge Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Assoc.


To all the Dodge Citians, Kansans and people across the country who signed the Save the Point of Rocks petition and to State Representatives Ryckman,Estes and Ewy and State Senator Love, County Commissioners Tasset, Boys and Gillum for their great support in the effort to save as much as possible of the Point of Rocks and the Dodge City sign. Also a big thanks to K-DOT for being willing to compromise.
Dodge City/Fort Dodge/Cimarron Chapter
Santa Fe Trail Association
Kansas Chapter of the Great Western Cattle Trail Association



The Bent’s Fort Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association is in total support of the effort to “save” the historic Point of Rocks west of Dodge City, KS. From an[sic] historic viewpoint: The Dodge City Point of Rocks is a significant National Landmark!! […] It would be a shame to lose such a landmark when a bill is currently being presented to Congress to give the Cattle Trails (of which the Great Western Cattle Trail is part) National Historic status.
We are asking that when considering the viable options to expand Highway 50 between Dodge City and Cimarron, KS, that KDOT, Ford County, and other involved entities please consider the option that least damages this historic landmark.
Pat Palmer, President, Bent’s Fort Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association
LaDonna Hutton, President, National Santa Fe Trail Association


Signatures Collected So Far

Point of Rocks, Dodge City, Kansas

This petition was signed at the National Santa Fe Trail Symposium, recently held at Ulysses, Kansas, for the purpose of saving as much of the Point of Rocks west of Dodge City as possible.  Hopefully a redesign of this four lane highway project between Dodge City and Cimarron will keep this in mind.

Gary Kraisinger,
Board of Directors for the
Great Western Cattle Trail Association
and a member of the Dodge City/
Fort Dodge/Cimarron chapter of the
Santa Fe Trail Association

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